30th to 39th Entries
Last updated 15 March, 2012
30th Entry Passout Photos Armourers - Hawker, Mewton & Connor Armourers - Willie & Derek
Armourers - After Sunday church parade Armourers - Occupants of G6 St Athan Instructors
Armourers - group of three Armourers - group of twelve Entry photo's from Les Carter
31st Entry Passout Photos First Best Blues .
32nd Entry Passout Photos Press cutting Catering Trophy Telegraphists Summer Camp 1958
Tony Pryor-Jones, Inst Mech St Athan 1958 Mike White, Engines in 1958 and 2000 Chris Coopey, Telegraphist, with friends.
Combined Pipe & Trumpet Band 1959 Doug Fletcher & Graham Brett Clerk Accounts Cosford collection
Xmas group of Cooks
33rd Entry Passout Photos 33rd Band Dale Pamplin while at Hereford
34th Entry Passout Photos    
35th Entry Passout Photos Happy chappies Clerk GD page
Summer Camp in Wales Walking around Shifnall Air Radar group
The band in 1959 You don't have to be mad Off to work
All quiet    
36th Entry Passout Photos    
37th Entry Passout Photos Ron Cullen, Entry Telegraphist Telegraphists Christmas Party
Air Radar Mechs Passout Summer Camp
Airframes - Peter Moore
Airframes - 827 David Hall Airframes - Derek Porter Airframes - B17 Group
38th Entry Passout Photos Clerk Accounts, Hereford - Al MacKinnon Clerk Accounts -1 Sqn Football team
Clerk Accounts - Al MacKinnon & Keith Puplett Clerk Accounts - Geoff Corns and Al MacKinnon Clerk Accounts - Al MacKinnon
Clerk Accounts - The Scots Lads 1 Sqn Clerk Progress - Clive Whiteley & Lennie Law
Clerk Progress - Clive Whiteley
Clerk Progress - Clive Whiteley & Stan Tennet
Clerk Progress - group of six Hereford 'A' Team - competition at RAF Cosford
'A' Wing Soccer XI - Hereford Summer Camp at Fort Tregantle A Flight St Athan March 1961
Summer Camp Gallery Trumpet & Military Band Hereford Supply - Bill Thompson & John Forbes
Supply - Hut 74A Supply - Hut 75 Supply - Pyjama party
Supply - Pyramid Supply - Gibson Supply - Group
Nursing Attendants and Instructors    
39th Entry Passout Photos 1961 'Interflight Basketball Champions', B Flight, 2 Squadron Telegs group ITS
Cosford Italian Trip July 1960 Telegs Summer Camp Fort Tregantle Armourers - Demolition man
Armourers - The result ClerksGD - 'B' Flt 2 Sqn - Hut 124 39th Senior Entry Night
ClerksGD - 'B' Flt 2 Sqn - Group 2 Hut 124 ClerksGD - 'B' Flt 2 Sqn - Group 3 Hut 124 Interior of Hut 124
ClerksGD - Outside Hut 124 - 1960 Hereford - 39th Entry Passout 1961 Hereford - Summer Camp at St Eval 1960
Hereford - Summer Camp at St Eval, Cornwall 1960 Hereford - Summer Camp - Tent at St Eval 1960 ClerksGD - Outside Hut 124 - Group 2
20th January 1960